Seabourn Ventures Team

Northern Europe

Meet The Members Of Your Northern Europe Expedition Team


Ignacio Rojas


For the past twenty years, Ignacio has worked almost exclusively in the expedition travel industry, bringing nature closer to travelers interested in expanding their knowledge about Antarctica, the Amazon and other wild and exotic destinations of our planet.

His travels started very early in life with trips every summer to the Atacama Desert in Chile for the simple purpose of visiting family. These trips turned into favorite events and expanded into trips to the Brazilian Amazon, where later Ignacio enrolled into the master’s degree program of Tropical Ecology in Manaus, the heart of the Amazon. The Amazon back in the 1990’s was a crossroads of expedition vessels and he found himself working on his first expedition vessel. Having found his calling, he joined in as many trips as he could, traveling from Southeast Asia to Antarctica, and around the world from South America to Oceania and back again.

Since the beginning of his career in expedition cruising, Ignacio has spent at least twenty uninterrupted seasons in Antarctica, including the Peninsula, Ross Sea and sub-Antarctic Islands in the South Atlantic, Australia and New Zealand.

He holds a boat handler’s license, acquired in the harsh waters and rugged beaches of southeastern South Africa. He enjoys being in small boats in any destination around the globe but preferentially in the seas of Antarctica where he looks forward to sharing his expertise and knowledge of the natural history of the white continent with fellow travelers.


Luciano Bernacchi


Luciano has lived and worked in the beautiful mountains and glaciers of Patagonia for the last 20 years. He has a wealth of experience in adventure travel and eco-tourism; leading, guiding, and lecturing groups. From expeditions across the Patagonian Ice-Field and Ice Walks on the Perito Moreno Glacier to treks in Torres del Paine and Tierra del Fuego, Luciano has been working as a mountain guide, ski guide, tour leader, naturalist guide, and birding guide, across Argentina and in many other countries throughout the past 20 years.

Birding and glaciers are his two main passions: a keen birder since a very early age, and many years of experience working around, on, under, and close to glaciers.

Luciano is based in Los Glaciers National Park, Patagonia, Argentina and works as Director and board member of Glaciarium/Museo del Hielo Patagonico – the largest and one of the very few Glacier museums in the world.

Luqui as most people call him, has been working in both Polar Regions extensively, sharing his passion for ice, glaciers and wildlife.

Luciano has been certified in a variety of specialties: as Ski Patrol with extensive training in skiing, snow safety, avalanche awareness and first aid; as a Birding Guide by Argentina’s National Ornithological Society, as a Mountain Guide and Climbing Instructor (Rock & Ice) by the Argentina Mountain Guide Association and Buenos Aires Alpine Club respectively; also by Argentina’s Coast Guard to operate sailboats, and small vessels.

Luciano’s diverse jobs and interests have taken him to many destinations and wilderness areas around the world.


Colleen Batey


Dr Colleen Batey is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. For the past 40 years she has been involved in research on the Viking Age in Scotland, Scandinavia and the North Atlantic, both as director of excavations and teacher. Since 2004 this has been combined with expedition cruising for several companies, both as expedition team member and guest lecturer.

For several years she was curator of Archaeology for Glasgow Museums, the largest metropolitan museum service in the UK. As part of that work, she was the British co-ordinator of Viking loan material for the highly successful Smithsonian exhibit on the Vikings: North Atlantic Saga, which toured widely in the US starting in the millennial year 2000 and gaining several million visitors throughout its run.

As a University teacher Colleen works with students from Undergraduate to Doctoral level in Viking subjects and in addition, is committed to public outreach in communities far and wide. She has published extensively both books and journal articles.

As an expedition team member and lecturer, she has travelled extensively in Scandinavia and the Baltic, the Black Sea, the British Isles and North Atlantic, from the Scottish Isles through the Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and onto Newfoundland. Additionally a full transit of the North West Passage was achieved in 2014. She is based in Argyll, in the beautiful – but wet – region of Western Scotland, surrounded by lochs and mountains.


Joe Cockram


Joe started birdwatching at the age of 7, and left home to work as a warden on nature reserves as soon as was legally allowable. With a particular interest in seabirds he worked on some of Northern Europe’s most important nesting colonies on remote headlands and islands. Living amongst Puffins, Shearwaters, Terns and the occasional Seal, he protected and researched, and helped visitors to discover and enjoy the coastal environment. In-between seabird seasons he travelled extensively, backpacking amongst the peaks of the Himalayas, through the forests of the Americas and along the island chains of Asia and Oceania in search of the world’s most iconic bird species.

Wishing to combine his love of travel with the study of birds, and the joy of sharing his enthusiasm, a career as a shipboard ornithologist was an obvious progression. He now cruises the world using his knowledge and passion to help others experience and appreciate the incredible variety of species that can be found around the continents.


Patrick Demus


Born in Germany, Demus has been fascinated by water and its organisms since a young age. Since earning a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Ecology in 2010, he has done research with primates and several fish species in the laboratory and the field. Throughout his career, Demus has guided more than 1,500 dives and countless days of snorkeling around the world, and has developed a decent knowledge of water currents and reef typographies along the way.


Robert Egelstaff


The Director of the Outdoor Activity Advisory Service in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Egelstaff has spent most of his adult life working professionally in the outdoors throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. He has climbed all over the world, including in the Alps, Polar regions and Himalayas, and has racked up firsts including crossing the Bering Strait by sea-kayak, circumnavigating Wales by canoe, and leading a canoe descent of Wilberforce Canyon on the Hood River in the Canadian High Arctic. He has also re-created Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous boat journey in Antarctica.


Brandon Payne

Naturalist/Kayak Guide

From an early age, Brandon has had an intense passion for adventure and the environment. Living in Cape Town, and being almost surrounded by the ocean, resulted in this passion being fueled largely by sea based activities including boating, kayaking, kitesurfing and fishing. After years of recreational skippering, Brandon began skippering commercially, and has skippered for a scuba dive company and for big wave surfers and photographers in Cape Town. He is a SAMSA and RYA certified boat skipper, as well as an APA (African Paddling Association) certified sea kayak guide.

His passion for the natural environment steered him towards studies in Environmental and Geographical Sciences at The University of Cape Town, as well as at Stellenbosch University, where he focused on Environmental Management, Ecotourism, and Disaster Risk Management. He combines his studies and passions with travel, and hopes to inspire the same appreciation he has for our natural environment in others.


Trevor Potts


Trevor Potts is a retired British teacher and has worked for much of his life teaching children skills in the outdoors. During the 1993/94 season, Trevor and three colleagues successfully re-created Shackleton’s 1916 epic rescue mission from Elephant Island to South Georgia. This was in a replica of Shackleton’s 7.5m boat the James Caird. In 2001 with another team he completed Shackleton’s mountain crossing from King Haakon Bay to Stromness. He will share his experiences and insights about this legendary, challenging odyssey, and about “The Boss” himself. He will also talk about other historical figures and expeditions in the heroic age of exploration in Antarctica. Trevor has fourteen seasons experience working on Antarctic expedition ships.

Before Trevor became fascinated by Antarctic Exploration he had many years sailing and kayaking experience in remote parts of the world. Amongst his sailing trips he sailed a 7.5m boat single handed to the Canary Islands and the Azores. His kayak trips include crossing the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russia and kayak trips to Arctic Norway and Arctic Canada.


Danae Sheehan


A native of Yorkshire, Sheehan has always been captivated by the natural world. After starting as an entomologist, she switched to ornithology and earned a PhD in the ecology of migratory birds, leading to a 16-year career as a research biologist at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – BirdLife International.