Expedition Inclusive Shore Excursions FAQ

Seabourn Venture & Seabourn Pursuit will include four Shore Excursion and or Expedition experiences throughout a given voyage. Most of these experiences are included without additional cost as part of the Inclusive Seabourn Expedition Experience. Remote travel on small expedition ships is about learning and having shared experiences. For this reason, an Included Shore Excursion for all guests is critical to the overall shared experiences. All guests do the same thing. This way when guests return to the ship for Recap & Briefing, they have all had the same experience. 

  1. Included Shore Excursion

On both Expeditions ships there will always be an Included Shore Excursion for all guests anytime we are using a third-party operator to deliver the experience. On these occasions, Expedition Team Members will join the tour and give additional insight and information where possible, however the tour will ultimately be operated by a third-party, land-based operator. Included Shore Excursions are bookable on the website and show up as a zero cost. On very rare occasions, in remote destinations, we may not be able to accommodate all guests on one Included Shore Excursion and may offer two or three in order to accommodate all 264 guests. On these rare occasions, guests will only be able to partake in one Included Shore Excursion and will need to make a choice. Guests are encouraged to pre-book online, however, if they do not, there will always be space available for them to participate in one Included Shore Excursion.

  1. Optional Shore Excursion

This is the same as on the current ocean-going fleet. Luxury is about choice, so on most occasions there will be one or two Optional Shore Excursions. These can also be booked online. There is NO REFUND or COMPENSATION if a guest opts out of an Included Shore Excursion to partake in an Optional Shore Excursion. Opting into an Optional Shore Excursion provides added value to the guest's overall experience.

  1. Included Expedition

In all cases except for scuba diving, there is no need to book and space will be available for all guests. These Included Expedition experiences will be offered on board as opportunities arise. They may also clash with other activities being offered on the day and guests will need to make a choice between available offerings. Guests will not know availability for these Included Expedition experiences until on board the ship when a daily briefing given by the Expedition Leader will exploit these opportunities. Included Expedition experiences include:

  • Guided Hikes
  • Snorkeling: All snorkel gear will be provided with the exception of wetsuits or rash guards (guests are welcome to bring them if they like).
  • Zodiac Tour: A Zodiac Tour is when the Zodiacs head out for 90-120 min for scenic cruising. Guests do not disembark the Zodiacs, but instead scenic cruise with a qualified Zodiac driver/naturalist who offers interpretation about the natural history. This is an incredible way to experience remote destinations and wildlife and often can be better than an actual Zodiac landing.
  • Zodiac Landing: A Zodiac Landing is when the Zodiacs are used like a tender, but on Expeditions Ships, the Zodiacs take you to shore in areas with no infrastructure. The Zodiacs make it possible to land on a beach or rocky outcrop in remote areas.
  • Scuba Diving: MUST be booked in advance, space is limited to eight guests per sailing. Scuba diving is only done in tropical areas. All dive participants must be qualified to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver level (or equivalent in NAUI or authorized scuba organization). All dive participants must bring the relevant certificates on board and present them to the dive master prior to being considered for inclusion in dive activities. Dive participants must also provide proof of having completed at least two open-water dives within the previous 12 months (dive log). Scuba divers must have a valid medical form within the last six months declaring them fit to dive. Scuba divers who are unable to provide the required documentation will not be permitted to participate. Once all documentation has been verified, dive participants will be required to complete an initial "checkout dive," to demonstrate basic scuba skills to the Dive Master. The ship will provide tanks and weights, guests must provide all other required Scuba gear. Scuba diving takes place at the discretion of the Expedition Leader and Dive Master. Dive sites and times are not bookable in advance and opportunities will be announced once onboard via daily updates from the Expedition Leader and Dive Master. 
  1. Optional Expedition (kayaks and subs)

Onboard both Expedition ships, we will have eight double kayaks and two six-seat submarines. The kayaks and submarines will be guided by certified members of the Expedition Team. Kayak tours are approximately two hours in length and submarine dives are approximately 40 minutes. Seabourn provides all the necessary equipment. Both activities are optional and for charge. These are to be bookable online and have both limited capacity on a daily basis and throughout a voyage. As a result, not all guests will be able to kayak or go on a submarine dive on every sailing. There are also a number of itineraries where we cannot use the kayaks and subs. This is being reflected in the day-by-day itineraries on our website and with icons throughout our marketing and communications.

  1. Accessible Shore Excursions and/or Expeditions

Seabourn Shore Excursion Reservations has a subset of agents trained to assist guests one on one with accessible shore excursion tours available during their sailing. For any internal or external accessible inquiry, please send to sbn_shorex_access@seabourn.com or contact us at +1-800 984 3225.

Accessibility varies per region. The modes of transportation used during a shore excursion or expedition can limit options. Guest who cannot safely board a Zodiac unassisted will not be permitted to leave the ship unless in a port where we use a gangway. Please keep in mind there are a number of remote operations where the ship does not come alongside a port for the entire sailing beyond a turn day.

  1. General Notes

Ship tenders will not be used to take guests from ship to shore in any port. All tendering from ship to shore will be done via Zodiac.

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