Our Company


Thank you for your interest in Seabourn. We are a company with a shared vision to provide the finest travel experiences to our guests. We endeavor to fulfill that vision by consistently creating exceptional vacations, and by personally owning the fulfillment of each guest’s expectations.

Our business involves efforts to attract guests through marketing and sales activities, as well as properly serving those guests before they embark on our vessels, while they are in our care, and after they leave us, should they require further assistance.

Our business also involves protecting, transporting, accommodating, feeding and entertaining those guests, as well as providing opportunities for them to enjoy meaningful, enriching travel experiences in our ports of call around the world. Each of these activities has impacts on our various stakeholders and on the environments in which we operate. We have embarked on an initiative to better understand those impacts, to improve our performance wherever possible, and to maximize the benefits of our activities where appropriate, with the aim of managing our company for long-term sustainability.

Operation Ocean's Alive

Our Operation Oceans Alive program is an environmental compliance and stewardship program. Operation Oceans Alive is a call to action for all employees to care about and protect our oceans, seas and waterways from environmental harm, ensuring their ecosystems, plant life and aquatic animals thrive both now and in the future.