Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain

Alcúdia is a venerable walled city near the northeast coast of Mallorca, about five minutes’ drive from the coastal resort community of Port d’ Alcúdia. The latter is a popular family beach destination, with long strands of golden sand and warm, clear waters. Alcúdia itself has a long history, from the prehistoric inhabitants who built rock tombs at La Cova de S’Hort del Rectoria and under the more recent Roman Theater, through Greek and Phoenician occupants, to a heyday under the Roman empire as Pollentia in the last century B.C. The crenellated city walls were built in a period of Spanish rule in the 14th Century, marked by the massive Xara Gate. Much of the town’s Roman and Ottoman architecture has been restored, drawing new tourism to the town and supporting numerous thriving cafes, restaurants, galleries and shops. The Ca’n Torro Library is a notable 14th Century building, and the Roman theater is open to the public as well. The Sa Bassa Blanca museum displays art from the 16th through the 20th century.