Boca dos Botos, Brazil

The name of this spot along the Amazon refers in Portuguese to Botos, the famous pink dolphins native to this river. Time-honored Caboclo legend has it that these graceful, intelligent creatures possess the ability to transform themselves at night into handsome young men, who court and seduce the unsuspecting maidens of the riverside villages. It is just one example of the ways all living things here are entwined with the river and its fluctuations. At Boca dos Botos, your Ventures by Seabourn expedition team provides opportunities to visit a “flooded forest,” resulting from the dramatic seasonal change from dry ground to river bottom. The flora and fauna of the region are perfectly adapted to, and in fact dependent on this cycle. As you explore the area, you are likely to see animals such as sloths, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and colorful birds in activities they pursue during this sub-aquatic part of their invisible calendar.