Djupivogur, Iceland

Clustered beneath looming basalt peaks beside the dark blue sea, Djupivogur is an almost ridiculously picturesque fishing hamlet set among East Iceland’s fjords. The 1790 Langabud House cultural center and museum is a good place to start, to see traditional Icelandic crafts and historic artifacts. The downstairs café also serves delightful pastries sweetened with local berries. Just outside town is one of the world’s most unusual artworks: The Eggs of Merry Bay is an esplanade displaying 34 large-scale sculptures of the eggs of different Icelandic birds, crafted from polished granite by Sigurdur Gudmundsson, matching the colors and patterns of the actual eggs. Offshore, Papey Island is a popular attraction for nature-lovers attracted to its dense nesting colonies of puffins. There is also a 19th century church and a lighthouse to add photogenic flair. And speaking of photogenic sites, the Valley of the Waterfalls invites wide-angle advocates nearby. Back in town, look for unique Icelandic fashions, as well as the justly famous super-soft Icelandic woolen sweaters in shops and galleries.