Greenwich (London), England, United Kingdom

A clever floating mooring near the Greenwich Naval Observatory provides your Seabourn ship its proximityGreenwich is a Royal Borough of London, located on a broad meander of the River Thames south-east of central London. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its maritime history as well as its connection to the Royal Family. The Palace of Placentia has stood on a hill here since the 15th Century. It was the birthplace of both Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I. The buildings were later incorporated into the Old Royal Naval College. Visitors are invited to explore the College, the Royal Observatory (site of the Prime Meridian) and the National Maritime Museum.

On the riverfront, the 19th century clipper Cutty Sark, Sir Francis Chichester’s yacht Gypsy Moth IVand a Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender are museum ships. The modern structures of the O2 entertainment complex stand on the peninsula nearby. A floating mooring pier provides a berth for your Seabourn ship, offering easy access to both Greenwich and the city of London visible in the distance. to London. One of the world's premier cities.