Itilleq, Tunulliarfik Fjord, Greenland

A temperate climate and good farmland made Tunulliarfik Fjord an appealing place for early Norse settlers, who named it Eiriksfjord in tribute to Viking explorer Erik the Red. Situated in southwest Greenland, Tunullarfik lies at the very heart of the ancient Eastern Settlement and the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Kujataa landscape. It also is home to the tiny Inuit village of Igaliku, where sheep far outnumber the residents and freely roam about the area’s lush pastures. The real attraction here, however, is the archaeological site of Gardar, the former archdiocese and religious center of 12th-century Viking Greenland.

Seabourn guests travel via Zodiacs to the landing site just across an isthmus from Igaliku, a relatively easy, two-mile hike away along the Kongevejen (Path of the Kings). There you can explore the ruins of the red sandstone cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas, patron saint of sailors. Conditions permitting, you may choose to join the Kayak Team for an optional paddle along the fjord’s scenic coastline.