Khor al Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

Khor al Fakkan is a busy deep-water seaport on the Gulf of Oman. The town is located in the Sharjah, among the most conservative of the emirates, so there is no alcohol served anywhere here, and both clothing and beach attire should be modest. The eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula is mountainous and make a cooler escape for emiratis suffering from the heat of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In nearby Fujairah, the oldest mosque in the Emirates is a 15th century mud and brick structure, glowing white, with four domes overshadowed by a picturesque ruined fortress nearby. Fujairah also has a Heritage Village reflecting the traditional lifestyle of the region. The rugged peaks of the Hajar range are corrugated by deep wadis such as Wadi Wurayah, some of which hide fresh green oases, such as the one at Wadi Shawka, tucked between their steep walls. Wadi Wurayah even has a waterfall.