Killybegs, Donegal, Ireland

Killybegs is a center of the Irish offshore fishing industry and is Ireland’s largest fishing port. Located in the County of Donegal, it is also renowned for its tapestries and carpets known as ‘Donegals.’ Produced on the world’s largest loom, some 42’ (13 m) long, each one is hand-fashioned by 12 workers. Killybeg’s ‘Donegals’ can be found all over the world in some of the finest and most prestigious private and public collections. Hand-knotted in the Turkish style, these floor coverings are true works of art, everything being done by hand, and no two are identical.


Killybegs is home to the Maritime & Heritage Visitor Centre, as well as the Abbey of the Four Masters, the stone ruins of a Franciscan monastery founded in 1474. Nearby Fintra Beach is an expansive white-sand beach, flanked on both sides by sand dunes and tall beach grass.