Monumental Island, Nunavut, Canada

Located in the Davis Strait of the Qikiqtaalik Region about ten miles southwest of Lady Franklin Island, Monumental Island was also named by arctic explorer Charles Francis Hall in honor of Sir John Franklin, who perished during an expedition attempting to navigate the Northwest Passage. It is an offshore island of the huge Baffin Island. Here, your expedition team’s generalist naturalists will offer optional Ventures by Seabourn Zodiac excursions to skirt the coastline, observing the feeding behavior of the nesting population of black guillemots, who dive for juvenile cod and capelin in the frigid, nutrient-rich waters. Emerging with glittering fish in the beaks, they then return to their nests with their distinctive rapid-fire wingbeats. Monumental is a favorite hauling-out spot for walruses, and the huge mammals with the impressive ivory tusks are often seen hauled out on the ice or rock resting and absorbing whatever sunlight is available. White-furred polar bears are also frequently spotted foraging on the slopes of the island, silhouetted against the dark stone background.