Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

The capital of Trinidad & Tobago is one of the most important cities in the Caribbean basin. Between the Gulf of Paria and the Northern Range hills, it harbors the mechanisms of business, including the powerful oil and gas industry, alongside the reminders of the colonial period and close beside the rain forest and beach ecosystems that one would expect in a Caribbean island. The sprawling Queen’s Park Savannah is a large green space holding a Royal Botanical Garden and a zoo. Woodford Square is the social center of the city, where opinionated Trinidadians are free to voice their objections and congratulations in public. The Red House is the nation’s parliamentary building, rebuilt in 1906 after it was burned in civil unrest in the Water Riots of 1903. Most visitors are impressed by the Magnificent Seven, a collection of Victorian and Edwardian mansions recalling a boom period. To get a better feel for all things Trinidad, a better option may be to take a circle-island tour revealing the diversity and richness of the land and culture.