Provideniya, Russia

Provideniya serves as gateway to the Chukchi (Chukotka) Peninsula, part of Russia’s Chukchi Autonomous Okrug (District) and the easternmost headland in Asia. The port sits along a fjord in Provideniya Bay, sheltered from the Bering Sea and surrounded by a range of snowy peaks that reach upward of 6,500 feet high. Settlements were founded here as early as the 17th century to service ships along the Northern Sea Route; yet it wasn’t until 1946 that the Soviets officially established it as a military port. The okrug is homeland to the indigenous Chukchi (Chukchee) People, and Provideniya also has a significant Yupik (Asiatic Eskimo) population. Seabourn guests enjoy a guided walking tour through its downtown, stopping at the Provideniya Regional Museum as well as the local cultural center for a traditional Russian music and dance performance.

Alternatively, guests may join Expedition Team members for a longer walk out to the city’s lighthouse for outstanding views back down the fjord. This group will join the others for the cultural performance.