Scenic cruising College Fjord

In 1899, railroad baron Edward Harriman organized a scientific expedition by sea up the Alaskan coast, with the ultimate aim of hunting the huge brown bears of Kodiak Island. A large and impressive party of scientists, explorers and artists including the photographer Edward Curtis sailed with him in an extravagantly equipped ship. While exploring Prince William Sound, they stumbled on an unknown fjord completely encircled by shining valley and tidewater glaciers. The party included professors from both Harvard and Amherst, who hit upon the idea of naming the glaciers after elite U.S colleges. They proceeded to do so, segregating the female colleges on the fjord’s northwestern side and the male institutions on the southeast. It is rumored that they took especial delight in ignoring Princeton. Today a slow entry and turn around this magnificent display of arctic grandeur, including 13 glaciers, five of which are tidewater glaciers, is one of the highlights of a cruise along this part of Alaska’s coast.