Scenic cruising Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm

Branching from Holkham Bay near Juneau, the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness is a 653-acre reserve encompassing two 30-mile long fjords. Tracy Arm was named for Benjamin Franklin Tracy, a United States general during the American civil war. Both fjords are filled with glaciers covering about 1/5 of their lengths. Depending on the ice conditions, your captain will choose which fjord to explore. In Tracy Arm, the twin Sawyer Glaciers are located at the fjord end. Endicott Arm is fed by waterfalls and crowned by the tidewater Dawes Glacier. The fjords benefit from the upwelling of deep ocean water, carrying nutrients that support a rich and diverse ecosystem. Wildlife seen along the fjords includes both brown and black bears, deer, wolves, numerous harbor seals and occasionally mountain goats. Your expedition team will be on deck to offer insights on the surroundings and views of highlights through their Swarovski binoculars.