Siglufjorour, Iceland

Siglufjordur is the northernmost town on Iceland’s mainland, less than 25 miles from the Arctic Circle. It was once a booming center of the herring fishing industry, but the “silver darlings” have all but disappeared. For most of its history, the town was unreachable by road; there was a walking trail over the mountains but most access was by boat. The town population dwindled until a pair of twin 11 km tunnels connected it with Hedinsfjordur across the mountains ridges. The old road, which us useable only in summer, is the highest mountain road in Iceland. The Herring Era Museum is extensive, occupying three different venues to tell the story of the industry that built the place. The boathouse has a number of craft of different sizes and purposes. The Grana facility still shows how the silver hordes were ground into meal and oil for export. The town also has a Folk Music Museum, where visitors can hear examples of traditional Icelandic singing, children’s rhymes, a local dulcimer-type instrument and other lore. Saltwater or trout fishing and riding tours on the diminutive Icelandic horses are also available for visitors.