Trogir (Split), Croatia

Time stands still in historic Trogir, set on an island just off the coast of southern Croatia. Inhabited by the Greeks, Romans and Venetians, Trogir's medieval townscape received UNESCO World Heritage status for both its beauty and cultural importance. The island was separated from Croatia’s mainland during the Middle Ages to protect Trogir from invading Ottomans; you can explore parts of its original protective walls and soak in the Adriatic panorama from St. Mark’s Tower within the Kamerlengo Castle complex. Wander the red-roofed old town’s cobblestone streets lined with churches and grand palaces; its main square is home to the 15th-century Duke’s Palace and Cathedral of St. Lawrence, known for its sculptural artistry and unique mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. Trogir also serves as gateway to Split, ancient center of Dalmatia and another UNESCO World Heritage site. Roman emperor Diocletian built his vast palace complex here in the 4th century AD, and palace ruins were later repurposed throughout Split’s historical center.