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Barbara G.B. Ferguson

Seabourn Conversations, Featured Speaker

Focusing on history, cultural insights and intriguing stories about destinations, Barbara G.B. Ferguson’s proficiency derives from her background as an international correspondent for 23 years.

Based in Paris, London and Washington, D.C., she reported from 46 countries while covering issues ranging from the Middle East Peace talks, foreign policy and even fashion’s haute couture.

Her unique professional perspectives enable her to speak with any audience about different cultures, regions, peoples and history with conviction, compassion and often humor.

Barbara was an embedded reporter with the U.S. Marines when the U.S. invaded Iraq; because of her knowledge in international affairs, the US Marine Corps hired her as a subject matter expert, at their operational culture center in Quantico, VA. She trained thousands of military and government personnel on "operational culture" before their deployments overseas.

Currently a professor in communications at Marine Corps University, she also teaches generals and senior military and government officials about Arab culture and Islam at National Defense University.

Barbara speaks French and conversational Arabic.