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Dennis Molnar

Seabourn Conversations, Featured Speaker

Dennis Molnar shares captivating stories of people and events that have shaped our lives and world history. Meet the World War II spy whose playboy life inspired the creation of the James Bond character. See the lady whose appetite for risk made her one of the best spies of World War II and the envy of men. Learn why Hitler bribed numerous people and, guess who was disobeyed more: Hitler or Churchill.

Learn about life behind the Berlin Wall and why husbands and wives became police informants and spied on each other. See why history books are wrong about Cuba’s 1959 Revolution and Missile Crisis — then meet the Cuban who received the biggest bribe in world history.

Dennis was managing director of a technology company and served on various advisory and director boards. He visited military agencies on five continents: Iraq during the war with Iran, and Libya during its 1980s tension with the U.S.

Living in Vancouver, B.C., Dennis and his wife Kathy have two daughters and enjoy traveling. When not traveling, Dennis pursues his passions of history, classic cars, motorcycles and mentoring.