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Keith Muras

Seabourn Conversations, Featured Speaker

In a distinguished British Foreign Service career spanning more than twenty years, Keith Muras focused on the security and intelligence dimensions of international issues.

Keith’s Service career saw him working and living in many parts of the world, gaining unique insights into the challenges faced and posed by the countries and regions in which he served.

On joining the Service in 1976, and after a period of intensive training, Keith was posted to Johannesburg, South Africa, at the heights of apartheid government, where he worked to expand the West’s knowledge of the activities and ambitions of Southern African Regional States and independence movements. Next, following a year in the UK learning Russian, Keith was assigned to a role in the Former Soviet Union, living in Moscow and experiencing the challenges of working to support Western interests in the depths of the Cold War. Then to Kingston, Jamaica, with responsibilities spanning an arc through the Western Caribbean to the Central American mainland, where his focus expanded to international narcotics trafficking and associated financial crime. And finally, back to Africa with assignments in Harare, Zimbabwe and Kampala, Uganda.

Keith also worked periodically from a United Kingdom base, travelling extensively in support of British, and more widely Western, interests and foreign policy objectives. His expertise was applied across a wide range of activities, amongst which was combating threats from domestic and international terrorism and other crimes.

In late 1999 Keith retired from active government service. From a career in the most delicate and least visible aspects of international diplomacy he moved to a new role in corporate security, working for multi-national businesses in their efforts to protect their interests from international instability and threat. There followed appointments at senior level with major corporations, most notably in oil and gas and related fields, climaxing in the early 2000s in Keith's appointment to the position of global security director of a major international corporation.

Keith now engages in occasional consultancy work, speaks to a wide range of audiences both in the UK and "offshore."