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Malcolm Teasdale

Seabourn Conversations, Featured Speaker

British and American citizen Malcolm Teasdale was able to take early retirement when he sold his technology company in 2013. After traveling on business for more than 30 years to the major cities and business hubs around the world, he now travels to the more unusual destinations in search of rich cultural and educational experiences. Think Nepal, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Namibia and Borneo to name a few. Within the last 18 months, he even spent a few days in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Malcolm has written several books and magazine articles about business and adventure travel, with an emphasis on real life experiences, culture, education and a sense of humor.

His public speaking engagements focus on entrepreneurship, adventure travel, destinations around the world and foreign cultures.

Malcolm also hosts the Travel Addict Podcast Show and has made many guest appearances on business and travel shows worldwide. He currently lives in Destin, Florida, and has also lived in England, Wales, Canada and Singapore.

A traveler to 112 countries, you will love his factual stories, which focus on education and enrichment, with a laugh or two along the way.