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Ayiklutu (Seduction Point), Alaska, US

Ayiklutu is a cape at the southern end of the Chilkat Peninsula in Upper Lynn Canal near the town of Haines. It is the end-point of a spectacular seven-mile hiking trail, with magnificent views back down the canal to Juneau and the Chilkat Islands. The peninsula is bright with wildflowers during the first half of the summer, with stands of giant Sitka spruce, cottonwood and birch interrupted by bogs of skunk cabbage, thickets of thimbleberry, salmonberry and open meadows. Pebble beaches line the shore, where bears and river otters are frequently seen, along with nesting eagles in the trees. The shoreline gives breathtaking views of Davidson Glacier and the hanging Rainbow Glacier. Humpback whales, orcas and seals are often seen offshore of the point.