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Klawock, Alaska

Klawock, Alaska, USA

For millennia, Klawock has stood as a cherished bastion of Tlingit culture, nestled along the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. This historic village has been an enduring sanctuary for the Alaska Native Tlingit community. Klawock's Totem Park proudly houses the most extensive assembly of authentic totem poles in all of Alaska. The park pays homage to the original and replica totems from the ancient village of Tuxekan.

Klawock's deep-rooted connection to the fishing industry, dating back to the Tlingit era, is an integral part of its identity. In 1878, this village became the site of Alaska's first cannery, marking a significant milestone in the history of fishing. Complementing this heritage, a local sawmill and logging activities in the adjacent Tongass National Forest contribute to the village's economic livelihood.