Khalifa Bin Salman, Bahrain

Bahrain is the United Arab Emirate state located on a small archipelago in the Persian Gulf. The main island of Bahrain is home to its capital city Manama. The island is connected to Saudi Arabia by a 24-km causeway. The attractions of Manama for visitors are many and marvelous. There are museums on a variety of subjects from the history of oil production in Arabia to archaeological and historical museums and one dedicated to unusual and beautiful editions of the holy Quran. The Bahrain Fortress is a 16th Century Portuguese fort built on the site of much earlier structures dating back 4,000 years, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The modern Great Mosque of Al Fatih is the world’s largest. There is a Royal Camel Farm that also hosts falcons during the winter months. There are Dilmun Burial Mounds and a 400-year old tree in the desert nearby. A lot to see and do in Bahrain’s busy capital.