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SBN Expedition South Pacific Yasawa Island Fiji Aerial Shot Coastline, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, French Polynesia

Yasawa, Fiji

Fiji's islands are often grouped into different regions, based on both geographical isolation from other groups, but also cultural similarities between islands. The Yasawa Islands are on Fiji's far western edge and are an excellent location for adventure, both on land and underwater. The Yasawa group is quite unusual, even by Fijian standards. The islands were actually closed to tourism until 1987 because the local king did not want visitors. 

The saltwater caves of Sawa I Lau are turquoise pools made famous from the movie 'Blue Lagoon.' The entrance to the second cave is through a hidden underwater entrance carved by the sea into the limestone. The caves are steeped in myths and legends.

The small village of Nabukeru sits near the beach on an isolated and beautiful spot. Climate change and its impacts are being felt here, with coastal inundation and tropical cyclones bringing waves over the sea walls that once kept villagers safe.


Yasawa Island

Venture into the majestic Sawa-I-Lau Caves to experience Fiji’s  ancient limestone formations on this private tour aided by local guides to explore the secrets within. The limestone formations, carved by constant wave action are hidden within an attractive little island. The sacred Caves are also known as the resting place of the 10-headed ancient Fijian god, Ulutini. The first of the caverns is simply magnificent. Sun light filters through a hole in the ceiling, allowing a glamorous beauty of the underwater world reflects upon the surface of the water. If you are up for more excitement you can choose to enter a second cave which is more secretive, cavern via an underwater tunnel. Included as well is a visit to a nearby village of Tamusua - the traditional owners of the famous Sawa I Lau cave. Explorer and take advantage of the wonderful moment spent with the friendly villagers. Please bring underwater camera, reef friendly sunscreen, snorkel gear and reef shoes.