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An iceberg floats with a Seabourn ship in background near Arsukfjord, Greenland, an area visited on an all-inclusive, luxury expedition Seabourn cruise.

Arsukfjord, Greenland

Scenic Arsukfjord stretches for 20 miles along the southwest coast of Greenland, terminating at an imposing tidewater glacier. A large deposit of cryolite — a rare mineral formerly used to make aluminum – was discovered here in the late 18th century; during World War II, the U.S. Navy operated a nearby base to protect the now abandoned Ivigtut mine.

The day here will remain fluid, although Seabourn guests can anticipate grand landscapes with soft, rolling tundra and icy blue waters often dotted with icebergs. You might take a Zodiac cruise to get up close to the glacier’s face or, conditions permitting, visit the tiny village of Arsuk (“the beloved place”) to meet its friendly inhabitants and learn about life in this remote region. Afternoon activities may include an optional paddle with the Kayak Team or an adventure below the water’s surface in one of your ship’s custom-built submersibles.