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Aerial view of Bíldudalur, Iceland, a port visited on an all-inclusive, luxury Seabourn cruise.

Bildudalur, Iceland ISBIL

The picturesque village of Bíldudalur nestles in the Arnarfjörður fjord, second-largest the Westfjords region of northwestern Iceland. This spectacular fjord, which stretches for nearly 20 miles, shelters Bíldudalur from the harsh Atlantic winds, earning it the title of “good weather capital of the Westfjords.” The village was this region’s commercial hub during the 18th and 19th centuries, and most of its 200 or so residents work in the fishing and sea mineral processing industries. Bíldudalur boasts a rich music and cultural tradition, and hosts a folk music festival each summer. Icelandic folk tales have long told of sea monsters living in Arnarfjörður, and the Sea Monster Museum brings those tales to life through various displays, eyewitness accounts, and an interactive plinth that lets you “see” where the monsters are lurking.