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Borgarfjordur, Iceland

Tucked away in the East fjords of Iceland is Borgarfjörður eystri, a quaint hamlet that radiates an understated charm unique to its small size. Unlike many larger settlements across the country, it hosts a locally managed fishery that retains an intimate connection to the community. Every summer, the town becomes a haven for Atlantic puffins as they flock ashore to nest, dotting various parts of the fjord with their vibrant presence.

What sets Borgarfjörður eystri apart is its close-knit relationship with nature and the stunning countryside that envelops it. In true Icelandic spirit, the town is steeped in elf folklore. The town's motto claims it as the "home to 100 people and 1,000 elves."


Guided Hiking:

Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the Icelandic countryside on foot, experiencing firsthand the tranquil charm of Borgarfjörður eystri.

Zodiac Cruises:

Navigate the serene waters around the town on a Zodiac cruise, offering a unique perspective on this quaint settlement and its natural surroundings.

Visit to the Puffin Colony:

Marvel at the lively spectacle of nesting Atlantic puffins during the summer months, a truly unforgettable encounter with these iconic seabirds.