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Eqi Glacier, Greenland

One of Greenland’s largest and most active glaciers, Eqi is on the island’s west coast about 80 km/50 miles north of Ilulissat. Its fjord and the area of Disko Bay nearby is littered with huge icebergs, sometimes towering hundreds of feet tall. The glacier face is up to 200m/626 ft. high, and over two miles/4km wide. In summer, it calves huge icebergs an average of every 15 – 30 minutes, making any close approach unsafe. But the calving events are dramatic and the sight and sound of an apartment-block-sized slab crashing into the sea is one you will never forget. The downdraft of cold air from the glacier and the ice field recommends a warm jacket, hat and gloves as you watch this display of nature’s extravagance from the deck.