Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord, Greenland

The Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord is one of Greenland’s largest fjord systems, penetrating the eastern coast at Foster Bay from the Greenland Sea. It is completely contained in the huge East Greenland National Park, with two main tributary fjords, the wide Nordfjord to the north and the smaller Geogfjord to the south. The Nordfjord culminates in the broad face of the great Waltershausen Glacier, the largest one flowing from the Greenland Ice Sheet. In the other direction, at the end of Ymer Island, stands the looming, reddish mountain called the Devil’s Castle, with a striking lighter-colored band running diagonally across its face. The fjord system boasts the full panoply of Greenlandic wildlife, from four species of seals, walrus, beluga and narwhals in the sea to caribou, musk oxen, polar bears, arctic foxes and arctic hares and other small mammals on land. The birds are likewise encompassing, from breeding populations of seabirds to gyrfalcons, geese and eider ducks, upland birds such as ptarmigans, snowy owls and ravens. The fjord is renowned for the exceptionally tall, steep mountains that line its waterways.