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Paamiut (Frederikshab), Greenland

The small town of Paamuit and its 1,600 inhabitants are off the beaten track of Greenlandic tourism. This is remote Greenland at its best. As you walk through town it isn’t unusual to find seal meat and seal skins drying on racks under houses. People have lived here since 1,500 B.C.E. After the arrival of the Danes in 1742, the community prospered by trading furs and whale products and became known for its soapstone carvings. Today, the sea remains ice-free during the winter, providing inhabitants with year-round fishing. The town itself is a multitude of brightly colored buildings. Fredens Kirke is a simple but elegant Lutheran church located in the center of town. The unadorned white crosses of the adjacent graveyard contrast the green roof, red walls and golden trim of the church.

The white-tailed eagle, known as Nattoralik in Greenlandic, is plentiful in the region. Good luck is said to come to anyone who sees it. Locals often name their youth football teams Nattoralik.