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Rode O, Scoresby Sound, Greenland

Deep in Scorseby Sound in the King Christian X Land of eastern Greenland, we will discover a wonderland of geological color in the Rødefjord, or Red Fjord. The entire ford is walled with cliffs of 300 million-year old Permian red sandstone, which stands out between the deep blue sky and the ink-blue waters of the fjord dotted with shining white icebergs. Røde Ø is a monolithic icon island of the rock, which is sometimes called New Red because it is geologically slightly younger than the Old Red Devonian layer that pleases eyes in Scotland and Spitsbergen. On the island’s southern shore, there is a small sea cave that should be navigable by Zodiacs, and a picturesque intrusion of columnar basalt that earns itself the nickname ‘braendestabelen’ or ‘pile of firewood.’ We may land on Røde Island to survey the colorful panorama from a little altitude.