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Sermilik Fjord

Sermilik Fjord in southeastern Greenland cuts from the Denmark Strait into King Christian IX Land between Kitak Island and Cape Tycho Brahe, near the town of Tasiilaq. Its name means ‘place with glaciers’ in Greenlandic, and it culminates in multiple glaciers including Helheim, Fenris and Midgard glaciers, which feed a steady flow of icebergs into the fjord. Surrounded by steep mountainous shoreline and filled with sculpted icebergs, it makes a spectacular setting.

Fridtjof Nansen hoped the fjord might offer a route to the icecap for his 1888 expedition to cross the island. But his attempt to enter the fjord was thwarted by the outflow of ice, which pushed his team hundreds of miles southward before they managed to land. Eventually they did cross from Umivik Bay to Godthab.