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Shiant Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Shiant Islands, a small cluster off Scotland's northwest coast, are an extension of the Outer Hebrides. Once inhabited, these islands stand deserted today, until the summer breeding season when they transform into a haven for nesting seabirds. The dramatic geology provides an ideal setting for Atlantic puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, northern fulmars, and razorbills, along with a population of nesting white-tailed eagles.

Zodiac Cruise: Birdwatching on Garbh Eilean's Cliffs
Embark on a Zodiac cruise around the islands, navigating alongside the breathtaking cliffs of Garbh Eilean, renowned for its awe-inspiring cliffs and striking basalt columns. This area provides the perfect nesting sites for the large bird populations that come here to nest in the spring and summer months.