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Beppu, Japan

This unparalleled hot spring haven makes for an extraordinary spa day. Celebrated for its remarkable abundance of thermal waters, an array of baths each offering a unique experience – from ordinary hot water baths to rejuvenating mud baths, natural exfoliation in sand baths, and detoxifying steam baths. On cold days and cooler nights, visitors can get a better idea of just how abundant the baths are as the steam rises from the healing waters dances throughout the city.

Additionally, the “Hells of Beppu” offer tours of bubbling hot springs for viewing, not bathing. Witness the earth's raw power as it steams, boils with vibrant hues, and showcases the colorful magic of  vivid mineral deposits. Beppu is the perfect destination to pause your busy travel schedule,  immerse in relaxation and reconnect with nature and yourself.