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Kanazawa, Japan

This splendid castle town, with over 400 years of history, beckons visitors to its unique time capsule of history and culture. As the seat of the Maeda Clan during the Edo Period, it rivaled Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo) in cultural achievements, making it a city with a rich legacy. Remarkably, Kanazawa largely escaped the destruction of World War Two, preserving its Nagamachi samurai district and chaya entertainment districts in impressive condition.

Today, visitors pour over the detailed designs of meticulously restored residences and districts, harmoniously coexisting with modern architecture.  However, the city's crowning jewel is Kenrokuen Garden, often regarded as Japan's most beautiful landscape garden. Its name “Garden of the Six Sublimities", refers to the six essential attributes that make up a perfect garden. Enjoy a tranquil walk through grounds teeming with water features, bridges, teahouses, trees, flowers, stones, viewpoints and hidden nooks.

Kanazawa's culinary scene is a fascinating blend of regional flavors and international fusion. From elegant multi-course meals to comforting one-plate dishes, Kanazawa's diverse culinary offerings cater to even the most discerning palates, promising an unforgettable journey for food enthusiasts.