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Kuantan (Tanjong Gelang), Malaysia

This important port on Malaysia’s east coast attracts tourists to swim in the South China Sea from beaches such as Teluk Cempedak and Cherating. In the city, the magnificent State Mosque Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah can hold up to 10,000 worshipers, and is a popular place to visit. The Pahang region is famous for its waterfalls, such as the lacy cascade of the Sungai Pandan waterfall or the seven-tiered Berkelah Falls. Nearby Sungai Lembing is the site of the world’s deepest tin mine, now closed but with a nice museum. That are also has two interesting hanging bridges. On the road between Kuantan and Sungai Lembing, the Charah Cave located in a limestone mountain holds a large reclining Buddha statue. Back in town, look for colorful, locally produced batiks, a favorite souvenir.