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Qingdao, China

This important port welcomes you to handsome modern facilities constructed when it was chosen to host the sailing events for the 2008 Olympics. The 16.5-mile long Jiaozhou Bridge is the world’s longest sea bridge. The city’s history as a German colony from 1891 until 1914 accounts for its famous Tsingtao beer brewery, China’s second-largest. The eastern side of the city is the site of a large-scale investment by the Chinese government known as the Blue Silicone Valley. Stroll streets filled with period European-style villas in Ba Da Guan, and the seven-story pagoda at Zhanshan Temple. Nearby, towering Mount Lao is said to be the cradle of Taoism in China. Its granite slopes house many temples, including the large Temple of Supreme Purity, and also offer a listed collection of beautiful views known as the Twelve Sceneries.