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Vladivostok, Russia

The largest city in Russia’s Far East is spread over a peninsula and both side of the Golden Horn Bay. Like Istanbul, it is hilly, but unlike the Turkish city, it is filled with century-old Russian buildings and heroic Soviet-style monuments like the Memorial to the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East. The city is near the Russian border with Japan. It is the home port of the Russian naval Pacific Fleet, and the ships dock right downtown. The Sportivnaya Harbor is an inviting walkway for strolling. Don’t miss the ornate Vladivostok Railway Station, a copy of the one in Moscow, with one of the original steam engines parked alongside. The city has two impressive cable-stayed bridges. The one leading to Russkly Island is the longest in the world. The gold-domed Orthodox Pokorovsky Cathedral is surrounded by a park offering different angles for your photographs. At e Marine Military Museum, you are welcome to crawl inside a landlocked submarine, if you are so inclined.