Bakawari Island, Papua New Guinea

Bakawari Island, affectionately known as Pok Pok Island, is a hidden gem nestled off the southeastern shores of Bougainville Island. This secluded slice of paradise forms part of the enchanting landscape of remote Papua New Guinea.

Pok Pok is an invitation to venture "off the beaten path," offering an intimate glimpse into a world with minimal tourist infrastructure but abundant local warmth. The island's stunning fringing reef, located on its eastern side, enhances its charm. A visit to Pok Pok not only promises a captivating cultural encounter but also presents a wealth of opportunities for natural history exploration.

At Seabourn, we're excited to enrich your island experience with the following shore excursions and expeditions:

Cultural Performance

Immerse yourself in local culture by witnessing a traditional performance and soaking in the melodic strains of local music on the island.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

We then navigate our ship to the outer reef, setting the stage for thrilling underwater adventures. Unveil the vibrant marine life beneath the waves through snorkeling or delve deeper into the underwater wonderland with our scuba diving expedition.

*Experiences subject to change