Chuuk, Micronesia

Nestled in the central Pacific, Chuuk State is a picturesque assembly of volcanic islands within the Chuuk Lagoon and 24 outer island atolls. Formerly known as Truk, this region also encompasses several "outer island" groups, and served as Japan's primary naval base in the South Pacific during World War II. Today, it is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and military equipment, including over 50 well-preserved shipwrecks and planes resting in the lagoon. These relics, often referred to as the "Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon," attract wreck diving enthusiasts from around the globe. The vast, shallow, and stunning Chuuk lagoon boasts vibrant hard and soft corals, creating a vivid underwater tapestry teeming with diverse marine life.

WWII History and Eten Island
Embark on a Zodiac adventure to explore the verdant jungle of Eten Island, previously home to a Japanese airport and runway. Marvel at the dense tropical foliage and keep an eye out for unique bird species like the Micronesian Imperial pigeon and the Purple-capped fruit dove.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
Experience the remnants of Operation Hailstone, where the Japanese Imperial Fleet met its end, transforming what was then known as Truk Lagoon into an underwater museum. Snorkelers can explore the artificial reef formed by a Japanese Zero wreckage, while scuba divers can plunge into deeper waters to discover one of several shipwrecks within the lagoon.


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