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Chuuk, Micronesia

Chuuk State, located in the central Pacific, is composed of the volcanic islands in the Chuuk Lagoon and 24 outer island atolls. It was previously known as Truk.​

Chuuk State also includes several more sparsely populated "outer island" groups including the Mortlock Islands, the Hall Islands (Pafeng), Namonuito Atoll, and the Pattiw Region to the west. The Pattiw Region includes Pulap Atoll and it is of particular interest since they are some of the most traditional islands in the Pacific and culturally related to outer islands of Yap.​

"Truk atoll" was the seat of Japan's main naval base in the South Pacific during World War II. There are tons of scattered historical artifacts and military equipment to be found, including more than 50 well-preserved shipwrecks and planes in the lagoon. Wreck diving enthusiasts come from all over the world to see its numerous, sunken ships, sometimes referred to as the "Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon". The vast, shallow, and beautiful Chuuk lagoon is also full of hard and soft corals that form a kaleidoscope of colors and sustain a diverse undersea life.​


  • Snorkeling​
  • Scuba Diving​