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Easo, Lifou, New Caledonia

The warm embrace of the Loyalty Islands awaits your exploration in this seaside settlement with breathtaking, panoramic views of jewel-toned Santal Bay. At approximately 60km long and 35km wide, Lifou is the largest, encompassing a world of wonder within its tranquil borders. The pristine, palm-fringed, white sand Easo Beach, counted among New Caledonia's finest, invites you to look beneath crystal-clear waters to a miraculously pristine seabed offering a glimpse into an underwater Eden. 

For those seeking to under natural and cultural wonders, the many faces of Lifou offer breathtaking sights that are not to be missed, offering their own individual alluring charms. Explore the sweeter side of the island at Maison de la Vanille, a fragrant sanctuary. Or stroll slowly through Kiki Beach or Peng Beach, where nature's artistry and tranquil beauty abound.