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Guam (US Territory), Guam

Stretching 30 mi (50 km) in length and varying from 4 to 12 mi (6 to 19 km) in width, Guam stands as the largest jewel in the crown of the Mariana Island archipelago and Micronesia.

Living up to its territorial motto, "Where America's Day Begins," Guam holds the unique distinction of being the westernmost point and territory of the United States in Oceania. Nestled close to the International Date Line, it serves as a gateway from Hawaii to the Philippines, marking the dawn of each new day in America.

Guam is renowned for its stunning beaches, rich Chamorro culture, and historical sites echoing tales of Spanish colonization and World War II. Its tropical climate, teeming marine life, and pristine white sands make it an idyllic destination for water enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility alike.