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Hunter River, Western Australia, Australia

The Hunter River, with its intertwining waterways and verdant floodplains, is a testament to nature's artistry and power. Originating from the high rainfall catchments of the Kimberley Plateau, the river snakes its way through an ancient landscape dotted with towering sandstone cliffs and lush mangrove forests. The raw terrain with its rich ochre hues, contrasts sharply with the emerald green of the vegetation and the crystal-clear blue waters of the river. Herds of saltwater crocodiles bask on the sun-drenched banks, while a diverse range of bird species dance across the sky, their vibrant plumage glinting in the sunlight.

From here, enjoy access to Mitchell River National Park, one of Kimberley's two national parks. The park lies in some of the most remote and inaccessible country in Australia, and contains some of the region's scenic jewels.

Included Experience on Expedition Voyages

Zodiac Cruise
Experience the wonders of Hunter River by Zodiac. Cruise alongside the secluded Naturalist Island, then continue onwards towards Indian Head. Watch as the sun casts varying shadows on this spectacular rock formation, accentuating its features and making it a mesmerizing sight from the river. Continue along past the dramatic terrain of the Kimberleys, until nearing the end of Hunter River. The tour then changes course onto Porosus Creek, named aptly after the many saltwater crocodiles that call the area home.