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Kadavu, Fiji

Kadavu Island and its surrounding Great Astrolabe Reef sit due south of Fiji's largest island, Viti Levu. Kadavu is a paradise that seems to have a bit of everything that Fiji has to offer: Incredible reefs, dense and thriving rainforest, and a population of friendly and welcoming locals, who will gladly greet you with a hearty "Bula!".​

Kadavu is also known for several endemic species of birds such as the Kadavu crimson shining parrot, the Kadavu honeyeater, the Kadavu fantail, and the Kadavu whistling dove. Its healthy forest ecosystem can support myriads of birds and it is often nicknamed "Bird Island". ​

​ *Snorkeling
​ *Scuba Diving​
*Visit to local village and cultural exchange