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Oroluk Lagoon, Micronesia

Oroluk Atoll is one of the few central Pacific high island bridges that enable marine and terrestrial life to migrate from the Indo-Malay region into the Pacific. This characteristic, along with its geographic isolation, has resulted in a high level of species diversity and endemism. Pohnpei’s extensive reefs and lagoon feature a wide diversity of productive and relatively intact natural habitats, including barrier reefs, fringing reef flats, reef passages, seagrass beds, and mangroves.

Oroluk is an important nesting site for Green Turtles and hosts a large breeding colony of Black Noddies and other seabirds.  The atoll has been declared a marine sanctuary by the Pohnpei State government and traditional leaders. 

Village Visit 

Come ashore by Zodiac at Oroluk Atoll and meet the residents whose guests we will be this morning. Learn about the culture of the island through walks around the village, demonstrations of traditional cooking, handicrafts, and personal interaction with the people here.   

Nature walks with the Expedition Team

Join the expedition team for short exploratory walks, looking for nesting seabirds around the island and learning about the local flora.  

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
The waters of Micronesia are warm and boast beautiful coral reefs.  Oroluk Atoll is no exception to this and offers incredible snorkeling and diving off its outer reef.  Conditions will play a part in this however, and we will look to see how the swell and current are, on the day that we arrive.  

*Experiences subject to change.