Panapompom Island, Papua New Guinea

Nestled in the Louisiade Archipelago of Papua New Guinea, Panapompom forms part of the enchanting Deboyne Islands. Encircled by the tranquil waters of the Deboyne Lagoon and a protective barrier reef, it's an island adorned with lush forests that whisper tales of its past.

During World War II, the island was briefly occupied by Japanese forces before they retreated, leaving behind the watchful eyes of Australian and American patrols. This fleeting episode unfolded during the Battle of the Coral Sea, and remnants of this past - Japanese Zero fighter planes - still rest beneath the sea near Nivani Island.

The inhabitants of Panapompom Island extend a warm welcome to visitors, their genuine hospitality adding to the charm of the island. Structures crafted from local palm fronds and wood blend seamlessly into the landscape, while traditional outriggers with sails glide across the surrounding waters, bearing the islanders on their fishing journeys.

Local Village Exploration

Join us for a visit to the local village, where we'll explore alongside our experienced expedition team.

Scuba Diving

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