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Rambutyo Island, Papua New Guinea

​Rambutyo Island, part of Papua New Guinea, is a triangular shaped island and comprises approx. 88 square km. Its center is a volcanic peak about 230 meters high. Most of the inhabitants are found on the west coast. This tropical island receives 3,000 mm of rain per year, and its lush vegetation and rich surrounding waters has supported farmers and fisherman for thousands of years. European discovery of the island by Dutch navigators in 1616 started a series of different ownerships including German, Australian and Japanese. Independence came in 1975 when Papua New Guinea was officially designated. The population has Melanesian and Micronesian ancestry. Anthropologist Margaret Mead who lived on Manus Island nearby reported on a cargo-cult on Rambutyo Island where people destroyed their possessions as part of rituals, in anticipation of greater wealth.


  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Visit to local village and cultural exchange