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Saguenay, Quebec, Canada

The city of Saguenay is situated on the beautiful Saguenay River 78 miles (126 km) upriver from its confluence with the mighty St. Lawrence. This is an area of countless natural wonders.  The surrounding countryside is a combination of ageless coniferous forests, tranquil lakes and deep river-valleys. What gives the area its unique appearance is its geology. The Saguenay Graben is a great glaciated rift valley, the result of forces deep within the Canadian Shield some 200,000,000 years ago. Inhabited for thousands of years by the First Nations people, the Saguenay region during the early French colonial period was an integral part of the fur trade.

Saguenay Fjord National Park with its steep rock walls and verdant forests is reminiscent of Norway. Natural history is showcased everywhere, whether it be the underwater exhibits of Musee du Fjord or the serene forest and riverside walks at Parc de la Riviere du Moulin.