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Scenic cruising Saguenay Fjord

Canada’s Saguenay Fjord National Park encloses a very deep, winding waterway penetrating from the St. Lawrence River through the ancient glaciated foothills of the Laurentian Mountains. The brackish water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence mixes with the freshwater Saguenay River flowing from Lac St. Jean, and the fjord’s waters are tinted a rich tea color from the leaching of fallen leaves and needles of the forested slopes. The rounded slopes rise to heights from 450 to over 1,100 feet on both shores. Saguenay is one of the southernmost fjords in the Northern Hemisphere. The fjord is home to harbor seals, and blue, fin, minke and white beluga whales are seen at times. The hills hide wolves, bears, deer, lynx, beaver, moose and other species. The waters also hold isolated populations of Greenland halibut and Arctic cod, holdovers from the dim past. Your ship will cruise through this beautiful waterway, passing features such as Cap Trinité and the cliff-side statue of Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay, erected by grateful seamen saved from a terrible storm in the St. Lawrence Gulf.